SSG foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty spent time with the team’s youth baseball club a day after throwing 119 pitches in a start.

McCarty visited the club’s youth baseball club before the game against the Samsung Lions at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 13. He didn’t leave empty-handed – he brought along his own autographed photo cart, which he presented to 22 youngsters. He stayed for about 30 minutes, as the kids and their parents welcomed him and asked for photos and autographs.

The day before, McCarty threw 119 pitches, the most in his KBO debut for Samsung, giving up two runs on 10 hits in six and two-thirds innings. Despite being physically exhausted, he stayed late to sign photo cards for the kids at the youth baseball club.

McCarty even told the kids to “keep playing baseball as hard as you are and come play for SSG Landers with me.”

“On my way to work at the stadium on the weekends, there were always young kids playing baseball. I heard it was a youth baseball club. I’ve always been a fan of kids, and it’s great to see them out on the field having fun,” said McCarty. “I’ve been seeing the kids since April, but I haven’t been able to visit them due to conflicting away games and starting pitching schedules. I hope they will continue to enjoy baseball and have happy moments.”

The SSG Landers Youth Baseball Club coach said, 안전놀이터 “We were surprised by McCarty’s surprise visit. I really appreciate his heart for the kids. I don’t think this is the first time since I’ve been coaching that an athlete has come and spent time with the kids.” “He apologized for interrupting our training and gave us a gift, which was very thoughtful of him. I think it will be a great motivation for our kids.”