Romelu Lukaku’s complete turnaround with Chelsea has disrupted the club’s recruitment policy.

In 2021, Lukaku made a golden return to his ‘home’ club Chelsea. After failing to establish himself as a youngster, he went on to play for West Bromwich Albion (WBA), Everton, Manchester United, and Inter Milan, where he developed into a world-class striker and once again challenged for Chelsea’s success. Chelsea spent an astronomical £97.5 million to keep him.

It started well. Lukaku scored a comeback goal against Arsenal and impressed. The Arsenal defense couldn’t contain him at all, and his improved form has us excited for the future.

But that was it. Lukaku went into a bit of a slump after that. In the middle of the season, he publicly stated that he wanted to return to Inter Milan. He apologized, but it didn’t do much to mend fences. In the end, Lukaku”s position was completely diminished and he left on loan to Inter Milan last summer.

This is when things started to go completely wrong with Chelsea. Even while at Inter, Lukaku made it clear that he didn’t want to return to Chelsea. After his loan ended, he immediately pushed for a move back to Inter Milan and publicly expressed his disappointment when Chelsea didn’t actively pursue negotiations with Inter. 카지노

Chelsea initially considered making a move for Lukaku. New manager Mauricio Pochettino wanted to use Lukaku to solve the lack of a striker, but the player was too stubborn to budge. So Lukaku spent the rest of the transfer window looking for a way out of Chelsea, eventually joining AS Roma on a one-year loan.

Lukaku has been a headache for Chelsea and has even disrupted the club’s recruitment policy. According to the British publication Evening Standard, Chelsea wanted to sign Jeremy Dockoo, who was playing for Anderlecht. However, his Belgian teammate Lukaku reportedly actively intervened to prevent Dokou from joining Chelsea. In the end, Dokou headed to Manchester City instead of Chelsea.