Without Houston, it would have been Seattle.

Seattle is having one sleepless night after another. But she’s not lonely. She has a friend who is going down with her. He has a friend who is going down with him.

The Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball had one of their worst weekends ever. They were in the thick of the American League wild card race with the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers. They barely had a win. In the midst of it all, they were facing a three-game series against Texas.

A series win would be great, and a 1-2 loss on the road wouldn’t be too bad, but the worst that could happen was a sweep. A three-game sweep. Toronto, which had been ahead of the pack, also went downhill after sweeping a three-game series from the Tampa Bay Rays. It was a disappointing loss for Seattle, as two of the three teams are now in fall baseball.

But they say that even when the sky is falling, there is a hole to rise. The combination of Texas’ winning streak and the fall of the Houston Astros in the same division has created a huge variable. Texas took over the district lead from the Astros, who had just three wins in their last 10 games.

Not surprisingly, the Astros went from district favorites to wild card race contenders, only to be swept in a three-game weekend series by Seattle this weekend. They were swept by the last-place Kansas City Royals in the American League Central.

For Seattle, which is in fourth place in the wild-card race, it’s dead or alive. That’s because third-place Houston is just as bad, with a half-game lead. With one game less to play, they can make up that half-game difference on their own. In the event of a tie, Seattle would be the eventual winner due to their head-to-head record this season. 8-2.

As fate would have it, the two teams will play a three-game series starting on April 26. The games will be played at home in Seattle. This three-game series will likely end up being the final game for the last wild card spot. The first game is crucial. This game could go either way. Luis Castillo will start for Seattle and Justin Verlander for Houston. 메이저사이트