Chelsea fans are giving Mourinho a confidence boost.

‘Chelsea’s Mikhail Mourinho received a standing ovation for his brilliant performance against Brighton,’ reported ‘Sports Bible’ on Aug. 28 (KST).

‘Mikhail Mourinho says he feels ‘burdened’ by a 100 million euro ($137.5 billion) ransom,’ Tribuna reported on Nov. 11.

Mudryk is Ukraine’s highly touted winger. Possessing the fastest pace in the 2022/2023 Champions League and the third-fastest in the EPL, Mudrick dribbles like a Bale. He is also a very good passer and shooter, linking up with his teammates at Shakhtar (Ukraine) and scoring with his cool shots.

These abilities made him a favorite of both Chelsea and Arsenal, who paid a combined €100 million ($134.5 billion) for him. While his abilities at Shakhtar brought him a lot of attention, the results were disastrous.

He showed flashes of brilliance, but his flawed touch on the ball was evident. His long touches resulted in him losing the ball quickly, and even when he did get past the first defender, he was often blocked by the second. This resulted in just two assists in 15 Premier League games, making him one of Chelsea’s worst signings. 토토사이트

This preseason looked different. He was eager to make up for last season’s disappointment. He returned from his pre-season vacation to play in the UEFA U-21 Championship and performed admirably.

In pre-season games, he reminded me of Gareth Bale at Tottenham. Against Brighton, he came on as a substitute on the left wing and exchanged passes with frontline striker Nicholas Jackson to score the game-winning goal with his trademark strike. He followed that up with games against Newcastle and Dortmund, where his confidence was evident.

Overall, Mudrick has shown great improvement in preseason. His touch on the ball has improved considerably under Pochettino, and his dribbling and linking up with Nicholas Jackson, who uses his pace to his advantage, has been at his best.