The LG Twins celebrate their first regular season title in 29 years.

That desire became a title. The subtitle of Shout Out to Victory (Publisher Crete) is “From the Dark Ages to the Golden Age, the Beginning of a Pinstripe Legend.

The book consists of 12 years of the LG Twins’ story, from spring training in 2012 to September 2023.

From the downward spiral to the exhilarating winning streak to the golden age of glossy jumpers at Jamsil Stadium.

Here, we take a closer look at the players who stood out each year, the evolution and transformation of the club, the protagonists of permanent absences, and the franchise stars.

The author is Sports Seoul reporter Yoon Se-ho, who has been described as a “baseball geek with a knack for trivia, ducks in a row, and success,” but after becoming a journalist, he realized there was another world out there. That’s how the story of the LG Twins, which he has covered for more than a decade, was born. 스포츠토토

He describes himself as “a happy guy who has always headed to the ballpark and is happy to deliver the game of the day to baseball fans.”

Throughout the book, you’ll find his objectivity as a journalist, but also his affection for the LG Twins and his desire to see them win. As a result, Shout Out to Victory is full of moments of crying and laughing with LG fans across the country.

So Park Yong-taek (LG Twins’ eternal number 33) says.

“I met Yoon Se-ho as a player, and he was another fan who loved baseball as much as he loved LG, analyzing the team as dispassionately as he did. This book tells the full story of LG’s long-held dreams and the fans who stood by them. From the darkest days of the franchise, to becoming stronger, to ushering in the golden age of baseball. Each page will bring back memories of those days.”