Ulsan Hyundai has unveiled its new cheer project, Ulsan X3, to spur box office sales and fan loyalty.

Ulsan’s new cheer project centered on the club, local musician Gil Gi-pan, and Ulsan’s supporters, the Choryong Warriors. The song was composed, written, and recorded with the meaning of “Let’s all shout together as one so that our dreams can come true.”

The songs included in the new chant project are ‘Run to the end’ and ‘Over the star’, which express everyone’s desire to win the championship and a player’s fan’s determination to do their best in matches and cheering. Ulsan singer-songwriter Gil Ki-pan, who composed and wrote the lyrics, had already participated in the production of the song “I’ll be your wave” for the club’s own documentary “Blue Wave,” so he played a big role in creating a cheer with the meaning of both Ulsan and its fans.

Furthermore, Gil Giphan performed the ‘Ulsan X3 Cheer Project’ at the 33rd round of the Hana One Q K League 1 between Ulsan and Incheon United on October 8 at Munsu Football Stadium. Unusually, he sang the cheer in the supporters’ area rather than on a special stage or in the center of the field. They sang “I’ll Be Your Wave,” an insert from “Blue Wave,” and the new cheer “I’ll Run to the End” with the fans, reinforcing their expectations and determination for the final round. 안전놀이터

Ulsan CEO Kim Kwang-guk commented on the chant project, saying, “The 2023 season has come to a close and the harvest season is upon us. We have prepared the ‘Ulsan X3 Cheer Project’ to give strength to the players who have worked tirelessly and the fans who have supported them,” he said,

Gil Giphan, who played a pivotal role in the project, said, “We prepared the songs with love for Ulsan. I hope the songs will comfort both players and fans. If Ulsan wins its first back-to-back K League 1 titles this year, we will release additional songs dedicated to the team.”