Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, have rejected a ridiculous offer from their Qatari counterparts.

“Manchester United will hold a board vote on selling a minority stake in the club to British billionaire Jamie Ratcliffe after Sheikh Jassim’s Qatari group claimed to have withdrawn from the race,” multiple media outlets, including Britain’s The Athletic, reported in the early hours of Friday morning.

“The long-running battle to buy United from the Glazer family, who put the club on the market in November last year, has pitted Jassim against Ratcliffe, but representatives of Jassim’s group claim to have informed him in recent days that they are withdrawing from the process after further discussions.”

As the race to buy United progressed, speculation was cautiously leaking out that Qatari capital would buy the club. At the time of the final bid, the Qatari offer was valued at around £5 billion ($8.228 trillion). The revised offer was reportedly more than 10% higher than the original offer.

Ben Jacobs, a journalist working for CBS in the U.S., said on his personal social media account, “The Qatari offer has not been released in detail, but it appears to be around £5.6 billion ($9.2095 billion), including promised investments.”

However, the £6.4 billion ($10.5251 trillion) price tag was far short of what the Glazers were hoping to get for the club. As the Glazers delayed their decision, the Qatari side attempted to make a final deal, and when that failed, they pulled out of the negotiations.

According to European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, “The Qataris’ final bid is understood to have been almost double the market valuation of $3.5 billion ($4.7425 billion). They also had a $1.5 billion investment plan.”

In addition, the Qataris reportedly offered to buy 100% of the club and forgive all existing debt. However, the Glazers rejected the offer and decided to sell only a 25% stake in the club to Ratcliffe Capital. 스포츠토토

This decision is sure to raise a lot of criticism for the Glazers. The Glazers are considered one of the worst owners of all time. The Glazers bought the club in 2005 and made a fortune. Their purchase of the club was controversial from the start. They bought the club with a huge amount of debt, creating a huge amount of debt for the club. The debt came back to haunt them with exorbitant interest. Every dollar United earned was used to pay off debt and interest. And yet, the Glazers continued to collect dividends from the club, despite the huge financial burden they placed on the club.

Their attitude as owners was also a problem. Even after the Glazers took over, the club became one of the richest clubs in the world, with no investment in infrastructure. Old Trafford, the home of the club’s history, is beginning to show its age and has been underfunded. In recent years, the club has used the money to build a stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.