Spanish women’s soccer player Henipher Hermoso, 33, who was involved in a controversy over a “forced kiss” by the president of her country’s soccer federation at an awards ceremony after winning the Women’s World Cup, has returned to the national team.

On the 19th (Korean time), according to the U.S. ‘CNN’, Coach Monse Tome, who was recently appointed as the new head coach of the Spanish women’s national soccer team, did not call Hermoso to the national team last month, but called her back in October. Spain will play Italy on Sept. 27 and Switzerland on Sept. 31 in the UEFA Women’s Nations League.

Spain won its first-ever Women’s World Cup title on Aug. 20, beating England 1-0 in the final of the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup. Former Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales was the presenter of the award, and he embraced several players before grabbing Hermoso’s face and kissing her. Hermoso later said in a live social media broadcast that he “didn’t feel good” when asked about the surprise kiss from Rubiales.

The backlash was widespread. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and United Nations (UN) officials condemned Rubiales’ behavior in official statements. Rubiales initially sounded apologetic, but changed his tune after Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) launched an investigation. Through the Spanish soccer federation, he said he had proof that Hermoso’s statement that he “never consented to the kiss” was false and even threatened “legal action.

When FIFA eventually opened an investigation into the incident, Rubiales suddenly changed his tune. In a defiant response, he told the Spanish Football Federation that he had proof that Hermoso’s statement that he “never consented to the kiss” was false and threatened a “legal fight.” The FIFA Disciplinary Committee then confirmed the disciplinary action against Rubiales under Article 51 of the Statutes, which bans him from any football-related activity for 90 days. 안전놀이터

Earlier this month, local media revealed that Hermoso had filed a complaint against Rubiales. On Oct. 10, Spanish broadcaster Telesinko published an exclusive statement from Hermoso after Spanish prosecutors charged former Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales with sexual misconduct on Oct. 8. Telesinko quoted Hermoso as saying in a recorded statement to prosecutors. He said: “I didn’t expect this to happen on the stage where the World Cup medals were awarded. No one from the Spanish Football Association protected me,” he emphasized.

“I was full of emotion and joy (during the World Cup ceremony), but there was no reason for President Rubiales to do that,” he said, adding, “It was a historic moment, but I didn’t expect that to happen. “It was a historic moment, but I didn’t expect it to happen. He was someone I trusted, and I didn’t think he would do that at all,” he emphasized. “I don’t remember forgiving him for his behavior. I’ve always believed in being respected as a player and as a person,” he said of Rubiales’ behavior.