‘Veteran fullback’ Kim Jin-soo (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) shares his thoughts on national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann (59).

The Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Final Round Media Day, which marks the start of the 2023 season, was held at the Nine Tree Premier Locus Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 18.

Head coaches and captains of the six clubs in Final A (Ulsan, Pohang, Gwangju, Jeonbuk, Daegu, Incheon), including league leaders Hong Myung-bo and Kim Ki-hee, attended the event. More than 120 fans also attended the event, livening up the atmosphere.

Pohang’s Kim Ki-dong and Kim Seung-dae, Gwangju’s Lee Jung-hyo and Ahn Young-gyu, Daegu’s Choi Won-kwon and retiring Lee Geun-ho, and Incheon’s Cho Sung-hwan and Oh Ban-seok took the microphone. Jeonbuk was represented by head coach Valeriu Bordeanu and head coach Kim Jin-soo in place of Dan Petrescu and Hong Jeong-ho, who were unable to attend due to personal reasons.

Kim Jin-soo spoke to reporters before the main event of the media day. “The goal is to finish the league in a high position, of course, but we also have the FA Cup and the Asian Champions League (ACL). For the FA Cup, we want to beat Incheon in the final and win the title, and for the ACL, we want to qualify for the round of 16 since the qualifiers are over this year.”

Despite their dramatic run to the Final A, fourth place in the league is not the best position for Jeonbuk. When asked if this year has been the toughest since joining Jeonbuk, Jinsoo said, “It’s the first time I’ve lost more than 10 times in a Jeonbuk uniform. I’ve always lost five or six times in Jeonbuk. It’s not that I’m used to being ranked fourth or fifth, but it’s the first time I’ve lost more than 10 times in a year.”

“There’s probably a lot of issues. We’re not scoring enough goals, and sometimes we’re just unlucky. I’m a defender, so it’s important not to concede. I think I’m actually conceding fewer goals. On the contrary, 메이저사이트 we are not scoring well. Even if the defense holds up, if the goals don’t go in for whatever reason, I don’t think we can win,” he added.

Kim Jin-soo played 45 minutes in the previous day’s match against Vietnam before being forced to participate in the media day. “I haven’t seen the manager or the coach yet,” said Kim, who hadn’t been with the national team in a while. I’ll talk to them later. Of course it’s hard. Of course, I only played half of yesterday’s game, so my physical condition isn’t too bad. But I’m considered a senior in the national team, so there are things I have to take care of. Of course, I’m not the captain, but the responsibility is different than when I was younger. So I think it’s harder mentally than anything else,” she said.