“When I’m healthy, I’m coming back to L.A.”

Los Angeles Dodgers 210-win legend Clayton Kershaw, 35, is on the market. He recently signed a one-year deal with the Dodgers for the second straight year, and it’s time to make another choice. This time, Kershaw is not making the decision easy, according to LA media outlets.

He started Game 1 of the division series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and gave up five runs on five hits without recording a single out. He became the first major league postseason no-hitter, adding to his black history.

His 210 regular-season wins are second on the franchise’s all-time wins list behind Don Sutton (233). However, his velocity dropped after a shoulder injury and his pitches showed their ups and downs. In recent years, retirement speculation has been steady, but the choice between the Dodgers and his hometown Texas Rangers has been the center of attention.

This time, however, there are few rumors of a move to Texas. Many believe that if he doesn’t retire, he will stay with the Dodgers. There’s even been talk that he’ll retire because he doesn’t want to rehab his back anymore after years of dealing with nagging injuries. In any case, Kershaw will have his shoulder examined and decide what to do. 스포츠토토

In the meantime, Dodger Nation polled fans on their X about what they think Kershaw’s future should be. With a total of 3,680 votes, the most popular answer was that Kershaw will retire, with 48.9 percent of the vote. 40.1% think he’ll re-sign with the Dodgers, and 11% think he’ll go to Texas.

As Sports Illustrated’s Inside the Dodgers Fan Nation wrote on Wednesday, “The majority believe we’ve seen the last of Kershaw in Los Angeles. While recent memory will reinforce that Kershaw wasn’t a good pitcher in the postseason, the memories he gave fans during his 15 years with the Dodgers will far outweigh a painful ending in 2023.”

Regardless, Kershaw is a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame. At 35, he’s not very old, but it’s clear that there’s a sense among fans that he could retire at any time. Of course, the 3,680 votes don’t necessarily reflect the sentiment of Dodger fans.