This is what happens in Spain. The English Premier League player has been caught with the burger bug again.

“Mason Greenwood may be eating junk food banned by the team,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Wednesday (April 23). An accompanying photo shows Greenwood waiting in a car while his father comes out with both hands full of Burger King burgers.

Greenwood left Manchester United for Getafe on a one-year loan deal just before the summer transfer window closed last month. Greenwood, who is unable to play for Manchester United, moved to Getafe on loan to continue his career.

There’s a reason why the Red Devils rushed to send Greenwood, who was once the future of the club, out on loan on a salary. Greenwood’s downward spiral began last January when a video of him forcing his girlfriend to have sex with him and verbally abusing and assaulting her went viral online.

Local police in Manchester arrested Greenwood on suspicion of rape and assault. Manchester United immediately dropped Greenwood from its roster and pulled marketing merchandise featuring him.

After a lengthy legal battle, he was cleared. His girlfriend settled with Greenwood and avoided punishment, but Manchester United conducted its own investigation into the incident. The club wanted to make sure that it was making the right decision, as there was a lot of public support for his reinstatement.

In the end, United decided not to play Greenwood. In a letter to Getafe, the club said: “Following an internal investigation into Greenwood, we have concluded that he has committed no offense. However, as he has acknowledged, mistakes were made and he must take responsibility for them.”

Since his move to Getafe, Greenwood has been gradually increasing his playing time. After two seasons on the sidelines, his game was not quite up to scratch, but in just his third appearance, he recorded his first assist against Athletic Bilbao last month and scored a goal against Celta Vigo earlier this month.

The talent was still there. But self-management was on the chopping block. Getafe coach Jose Bordallas had banned junk food. He instituted a system where players were weighed daily and fined if they gained weight. Franchise hamburgers are something athletes should avoid as much as possible. If the hamburger in his father”s hand was part of Greenwood”s diet, it could be a problem.

It’s not hard to find examples of careers being derailed by burgers. Chelsea ace Eden Hazard, once dubbed the king of the Premier League, fell out of favor with Real Madrid after he ate a burger and didn”t train properly. Chelsea even asked a restaurant near the training center to stop selling burgers, but Real Madrid didn’t know about it, so they couldn’t stop him from gaining weight. 온라인카지노

In the end, Azar never recovered and retired early at the age of 32 on Nov. 11. Greenwood fears he will follow the same path. He’s even more worried about Greenwood’s history in the Premier League.