Jim McKinvale, 72, a furniture store owner in Houston, Texas, USA, couldn’t sleep a few nights ago. His local Major League Baseball team, the Houston Astros, had lost Game 7 of the American League Championship Series and were eliminated from the World Series.
It’s not just because he’s a huge Astros fan. The loss cost him $100 million.

According to a report by Las Vegas Insider, McKinvale wagered at least $7.9 million on the Astros winning the World Series. Sports betting is illegal in his home state of Texas, so he wagered that amount on four occasions in places that allowed it.

If he had won, he could have made $50.9 million (about $69 billion).

In fact, he hit the jackpot last year when he bet $10 million on the Astros winning the World Series and won $75 million. It was the largest sports bet in history.
If the Astros had won back-to-back championships, he would have earned $125.9 million ($17.06 billion) in two years.

But the reality is that he went from “gambling god” to “hustler” in one year. 토토사이트

That’s not to say he lost all 10 billion won, as he ran a promotion at his furniture store where customers who purchased at least $3,000 worth of furniture would get a refund if the Astros won. The question is, did he sell enough furniture to get his money back, and only he knows that.