Just a year ago, he tried out for the team without a uniform of his own, and now he’s playing in postseason games and becoming a “new stealer” at Changwon NC Park. NC Dinos’ infield specialist Park Young-bin (26) is having a special fall.
“When I wasn’t a professional player (last year), I imagined playing and supporting fall baseball like this,” Young-bin told Star News after completing playoff preparation training at Changwon NC Park on the 27th, “and I’m so happy that my dreams have come true.”

In this fall baseball, Park played in one game. In the first game of the wild-card deciding series against the Doosan Bears at Changwon NC Park on Nov. 19, Young-bin entered the game in place of first baseman Park Gun-woo with runners on first and second in the bottom of the eighth inning when his team led 8-6. With runners on first and third after a stolen base by second baseman Park Min-woo, Young-bin struck out on four pitches. Pitcher Jason Martin then hit a grounder to second, but second baseman Kang Seung-ho threw to first instead of catching Park, who had already moved to second, allowing the runner from third to score.

With runners on first and second again, Park attempted a double steal with Kim Sung-wook when Kim Joo-won came to bat in the sixth inning. Catcher Yang Yang-ji, who received the ball, quickly threw to third base, but Park was safe. With runners on second and third, Kim Joo-won hit a single just over the shortstop’s height to bring both runners home. The hit pushed NC’s lead to 11-6, and Kim Hyung-joon followed with a three-run homer to seal the 14-9 victory.
“The pitcher had a big quick motion (slide step), so I went straight for it and tried to steal second base, and it was a good situation because it was a hit that could have been a kill shot,” Park explained. “I don’t often steal third base with two outs, but I think it caught the opponent off guard,” he said, adding, “I saw eye-to-eye with (third base) coach Lee Jong-wook, so I gave it a shot, and it turned out well.” 카지노사이트

In fact, the position of pinch-hitter is by no means an easy one. You’re in a crucial situation late in the game, and one mistake can swing the momentum in the other team’s favor. Coach Lee Jong-wook, who amassed 340 career stolen bases in his career, said, “I tell my players, ‘You guys have to be ready because you’re batting behind them,’ because they’re going to be nervous and it’s not easy.”
Park Young-bin said, “Everyone says, ‘It’s a tough, difficult position. But until last year, I couldn’t have dreamed of a position like this, so I’m grateful to the manager and coaches for trusting me.” “I don’t think it’s hard and difficult, but rather, I’m grateful and want to do well because it helps me grow,” he said.