The Jeollanam-do Football Association has teamed up with sports blockchain specialist Project Weed to introduce a player development and evaluation model using blockchain technology.

On October 23 and 24, the Jeollanam-do Football Association held a test to select representative players to participate in the KFA U12 trial competition.

It actively utilized Project Weed’s athlete development evaluation model.

This model developed by Project Weed is a service that collects and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data of athletes through physical fitness measurement, sports psychology type analysis, and nutrition analysis based on blockchain. It is characterized by analyzing the collected athlete big data and providing grouping by athlete capability level.

Based on the analysis of athletic performance, basic physical strength, psychological type, and nutrition, it was possible to select athletes more objectively and fairly.

A total of 46 athletes participated in the selection test, and the final 16 representatives were selected.

Shin Jeong-sik, president of the Jeollanam-do Football Association, said, “We introduced the player development (evaluation) model to select players through objective and fair evaluation. In addition to the subjective evaluation of coaches, quantitative data collected through the player development (evaluation) model was used to select players. We believe that managing players based on data from their youth is the foundation for future soccer development.”

Kim Soo-hwan, head coach of the Jeollanam-do U12 national team, said, “It was difficult to select players based on subjective evaluations because the criteria for each selection leader was different.” “Through the player development (evaluation) model, we were able to analyze players with objective data, which helped us a lot in the selection process.”

Parents also said, “I am satisfied with the fair selection of players through objective player data. I hope that the athlete development (evaluation) model will be introduced to many places such as schooling and player selection in the future.” 토스카지노

Meanwhile, the 16-member Jeollanam-do U12 team will hold two to three team training sessions before traveling to Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the venue of the tournament, on November 2.

From November 3 to 6, they will participate in the three-day, three-night KFA U12 Challenge Tournament.