The reigning Fielding Bible Award Player of the Year, the top defensive honor, was won by Keybrian Hayes (26, Pittsburgh Pirates), who broke Nolan Arenado’s 10-year reign.

Rawlings Baseball announced the winners of the 2023 Gold Glove Awards on Saturday. The Gold Glove is awarded to the most outstanding defensive player. 보스토토 도메인

According to the organization, the National League third baseman is Hayes. He won the Gold Glove on top of winning the Fielding Bible Award for Third Baseman and Player of the Year.

This shows that Hayes has the best defense of any active major league player. Beating Arenado for the most consecutive Gold Gloves.

Arenado won 10 consecutive Gold Gloves from 2013, his rookie year, through last year. He has also won six Platinum Gloves.

But last year’s Gold Glove was widely considered to have belonged to Hays, and a year later, the award has changed hands. Arenado’s decade-long reign was over.
Hayes has become one of the best defenders in baseball, posting an OAA (extra outs above average) of 17 this season.